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浪漫七夕 时尚亚麻衬衫盛夏馈赠正当时

HIT:1663 DATE:2014/8/3 12:53:45

"In July 7th, as the morning glory, Weaver party night. Is the night, the woman festoon building, wear seven needle, or with gold and silver needle, Chen fruits in court in the Gregorian calendar".

Chinese traditional culture "the Cowherd and the girl weaver" story has been widely praised, then our country ancient times the female wants to Vega as an example, every lunar July day of the seventh lunar month (which today we called July 7th), they will sacrifice to the seven sister, hope he can like Weaver a kind have clever hands and good sense, but also can pray for life have a happy marriage, so the day is also known as "Qi Qiao festival". Both called "July 7th" or "Festival", the festival is one of the most romantic holiday China traditional festivals, has the very strong influence in the Chinese regions, such influence was spread to other countries in Southeast asia.

Along with the Chinese culture connotation of be handed down from age to age, now July 7th day has gradually been enlarged, extended to the "Chinese Valentine's day". In this romantic festival, Jack shall have Jill Xinshen linen wish the world happy, love sweet! At the same time in the July 7th festival day, Xinshen linen brand fans, Li Jianfeng also will send 100 copies of fine linen shirts, as July 7th day gave a broad linen lovers.

Great heat to, July 7th! It is the hottest time of the year for the summer, "Valentine's Day" theme, many people are thinking about how to give yourself the love to send a precious and meaningful gift, to express their love for each other. With the rise of environmental protection, natural, healthy consumption, many couples began to detach themselves from the luxury desire, to find more value, more healthy, comfortable to life, as for the other half better care. A Valentine's Day gift, not only beautiful, more important is sent is not a gift, but more has the connotation of the value, such as: health, comfort, environmental protection and other lifestyle represent grade. Find yourself out of the ordinary of beauty from the inside out from the exclusive style in fashion tide.

In such a concept of consumption and seasonal under the guidance of the green flax, become this year "July 7th Festival" the most fire high-quality gifts on behalf of, shopping malls, wife in consideration for husband buy pieces of the most fresh linen shirts, husband also quietly for the wife to the most popular this season linen dress, not only that, deeply influenced by the flax Culture Festival, many consumers are often the Normandy flax fabric shirts and dresses flax clothes etc.. The holiday atmosphere, love will flow in such detail.

The first half of this year the new Shanghai flax for Normandy flax fiber fabric many brand ready format "cool" series, in order to cope with the heat of summer this year, with many big brand design July 7th theme of linen fabric, meet the people holiday green demand.

As everyone knows: multiple natural properties of natural fiber Queen linen to the natural people care. From the heart of love, the most natural beauty, it is the sincere expression of emotion and the continuation of human! Valentine's Day gift of flax, not only transfer for the other half of love, more is through the use of flax natural forces to take care of love, to make up for not together in the summer time. Go out thinking of her lover, can resist ultraviolet harm, such as carrying natural air conditioning cool, bacteria can not attack the skin, comfortable enjoyment always reassuring. The pores can hide in the green breathing, free linen cloth under the quiet green shade, enjoy quiet time!

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